Data Center

Iron Box is a leading manufacturer of power cords for data centers, IT infrastructure, and other mission critical applications. Products include server rack cords, under-floor PDU whips, plug adapters, and tray cables.


Partner with us for your OEM power cord needs from design to delivery. Our engineers will work with you to create a custom solution for your particular product, or provide you with the bulk discounts you need to keep costs low. Cable types include IEC, NEMA, and California Standard. We also offer custom labeling, bagging, and a host of other options.

Home Consumer

With cable types ranging from generator cords, EV, or power tools to dryer cables, GFCI, and home electronics and computers, Iron Box has the product you need at the right price with fast delivery and excellent service every time.


Iron Box is a UL listed manufacturer of power cables for hospital grade applications such as extension cables, plug adapters, and a wide variety of custom cables used in labs, IT closets and operating rooms.


Heavy-duty power cord solutions are available for industrial applications from factories to military installations. Power applications include cables with rugged housings and high amperage ratings with components from Hubbell, Pass and Seymour.

Ship to Shore

Whether you are a small boat owner needing a replacement cable or a large Marina that wants to provide a solution for your customers with large ships and yachts, we can get you the watertight rated product you need fast and efficiently.

Stage Lighting

Feel confident knowing that your cables will not come unplugged or fail at a crucial time in the middle of a concert, television production, or sporting event with our large lineup of Nema locking cords, power distribution boxes, and stringers.


We provide both large scale and small construction sites off the shelf and custom power cables for their temporary power requirements, including pendant cables, rugged extension cords, 50A power cords, and various other types including custom spider box build.